The days of feeding dogs Alpo and letting them out to run around the neighborhood freely are long gone. Now we feed them high protein diets with no fillers, give them toys that intrigue and cause joy, and buy them coats to keep them warm and dry in inclement weather. We even buy them locally made treats for training and extra love. Ally & Indy will help provide all of this and more.

Bark Worthies | Naturally Healthy. Naturally Happy
Weruva | Because weluvya
Orijen | Nourish as nature intended
Weruva Truluxe
The Bear and the Rat | Cool treats for dogs
Open Farm
Earth Animal | Wellness & Longevity Solutions
Aunt Jeni's Home Made
Verus Pet Foods
Bocce's Baker Est 2010
Weruva | Because weluvya
K.C.C. Natural Farms
Woodys Goodys
Grizzly Pet Products | All-Natural Supplements & Treats
To Doggy with Love | All natural, grain free, low fat, farm to pup
Weruva - Cats in the Kitchen Grain Free
Rad Cat | Premium Raw Food for Cats
Lick's Pill Free
Primal Pet Foods Inc | Since 2001
Koha | Super Premium Pet Food
Blue Ridge Beef | Feed the Animal in your Pet
OC Raw Dog | Bringing Nature Back
Leanlix | Lean. Lickable. Love.
The Furry Foodie


Sweet Pickles' Designs | Your cat will figure it out
Fluff & Tuff
Planet Dog | Est. 1997
Neko Flies | It's swat cats love!
Hugglekats | For cats who love to play
Miso Handmade
Vee Enterprises | Made in the USA. The Purrfect cat toy for every cat!



We offer "Bundled Dog Walking Services".  When you purchase one of our dog walking packages, you earn free store credit to use towards dog food, treats, collars, and more!  Benefits of our service include:

  • Earn in-store credit from $5 - $40, depending on the package you purchase
  • Real-time updates on your pet via a streamlined client portal
  • Ability to communicate with your walker
  • See adorable pictures of your happy pup on enjoying their walk.

We also offer cat sitting services!

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